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Projects implemented by Nile Sustainable Development Organization (NSDO).

S/NoYearName of ProjectDonorLocation
12023Rehabilitation of 8 boreholes in EESWHH Torit& Magwi Counties
22023Renovation of Kuda Primary School QIP-UNMISSKuda
32023Construction of Mangalla Police post QIP-UNMISSMangalla
42022Rehabilitation of 11 Mini water yards in Juba County and drilling and construction of Mini water yard in JonduruPETRONASJuba County
52022Rehabilitation of RRC CES Office QIP-UNMISSJuba
62022Drilling of 1 Borehole in JubaALAJuba
72022Drilling of 1 borehole in GondokoroAnglican dev Aid Juba
82022Drilling of 2 boreholes Private/Individuals Juba
92021Rehabilitation of 18 Boreholes in Eastern Equatoria State, (Torit, Magwi and Pageri Counties)Deutsche Welthunge rhilfe e. V.Torit, Magwi and Pageri Counties
102021Drilling of one community borehole in Magwi CountyDeutsche Welthunge rhilfe e. V.Magwi County
112021Establishment of Access to water supply for 9.109 households and strengthen the capacity of WASH management Committees for sustained water supply in Juba Camp 1&3, Juba County, Central Equatoria State.UNICEFJuba
122021Construction of a Police Post at Yei Road Check Point, Juba, CESUNMISSJuba
132021Drilling of two boreholes in Mvolo County.Mvolo
142021Drilling of a new borehole and upgrading of Mini- Water Yard in Dr. John Garang training institute, Mangalla CountyNSSMangalla
152021Drilling of one community borehole in Magwi Payam, Magwi CountyDeutsche Welthunge rhilfe e. V.Magwi
162021Provision of WASH NFIs for persons displaced by floods in Rejaf & Lurin Payams of Juba CountyUNICEF/I OMJuba
172021Drilling of new borehole and rehabilitation of solar Powered Mini Water yards for Ammars Co. LtdAmmars Co ltdJuba
182021Rehabilitation of solar powered Mini water Yard for NMS General Trading CompanyNMSJuba
192020Provision of integrated water supply, hygiene and sanitation services for 30,875 vulnerable IDPs in POC1 (7200) and POC3 (23,675).UNICEFJuba
202020Drilling of four boreholes in Maban CountyACTEDMaban
212020Support Provision of essential WASH Services for Covid-19 emergency preparedness and Response in JubaUNICEFJuba
222020Drilling of two community boreholes and upgrading to Mini water yard in Mundri East CountyHon/Amb Sebit BullenMundri
232020Rehabilitation and maintenance of mini-water yards in Juba CountyNSSJuba
242020Tree planting and environmental cleaning as advocacy for climate change mitigation during the World Children’s Day in Juba City CouncilUNICEFJuba
252020Organized National Global Hand-Washing Day Event 15th October 2020UNICEFJuba
262020Rehabilitation of boreholes in Eastern Equatoria in KapoetaADRAKapoeta
272019Drilling of Community borehole in Rejaf PayamIPCARejaf
282019Provision of integrated water supply, hygiene and sanitation services for 39,599 vulnerable IDPs in POC1, POC3 and Don Bosco IDP settlement of Juba County and support UNICEF WASH section in RRM missions.UNICEFJuba
292019Provision of access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene to mitigate WASH related GBV among 10000 returnees, host communities and IDPs in Lire and Nyepo Payams of Kajo Keji County, Central Equatoria State, South Sudan.SSHFKajo Keji
302019Improvement of Water Quality, Sanitation and Hygiene Services for the IDPs Living in Mangateen settlement, Juba, South SudanSSHFJuba
312019Rehabilitation and Repair of ten (10) stances of semi-permanent latrines and four (4) stances of bathing shelters for IDPS in Mangateen IDP campJCCPJuba
322019Provision and improving access to sustainable WASH services for vulnerable host communities and IDPs to mitigate GBV cases associated with WASH among 10506 individuals in Kajo Keji County, Central Equatoria State.SSHFKaho Keji
332019Construction of a Bridge at Khubiri Abuba Stream in Joppa Village, Luri, Juba County.UNMISSJuba
342019Provision of access to water for community and institutions in Muni Payam, Terekeka County.NSSTerekeka
352019Improvement of Ebola Preparedness and Response Plan – III in NimuleUNICEFNimule
362019Improvement of Ebola Prepared and Response Plan III in ToritUNICEFTorit
372019Drilling of new boreholes for Amsterdam Hotel LTD in JubaAmsterda m HotelJuba
382019Drilling of new boreholes for Ammars Co. Ltd in Lologo in JubaAmmarsJuba
392019Rehabilitation of Solar Powered Mini Water Yard for Yabsera Co. Ltd in JubaYabseraJuba
402019Geophysical Survey for 3 sites in Kajokeji for Water 4LIFE InternationalWater 4LifeKajokeji
412019Drilling of boreholes for Piny-Gol International ContractorsBenjamin KonJuba
422019Organized National Global Hand-Washing Day Event 15th October 2019UNICEFJuba
432019Drilling of borehole for Jimmy Yuga in Gudele in JubaJimmy YugaJuba
442018Provision of water supply and sanitation services for cholera prone population in Rejaf Payam, Juba County, Central Equatoria State and support WASH Section in RRM missions.UNICEFJuba
452018Provision of Integrated water, sanitation and hygiene services for 116,000 vulnerable IDPs in POC 1, PoC 3, Don Bosco and Mangateen of Juba County; and support UNICEF WASH section in RRM missionsUNICEFJuba
462018To contribute sustainable health improvements among 12,000 female and male community members at risk of getting cholera in Rejaf and Northern Bari Payams of Juba County.SSHFJuba
472018Provision of water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion services for displaced persons living in Mangateen Settlement, Juba, South Sudan.IOMJuba
482018Construction of community Borehole in Terekeka Payam, Terekeka CountyVineyard ChurchesTerekeka
492018Organized National Global Hand-Washing Day Event 15th October 2018UNICEFJuba
502018Rehabilitation of Mini Water Yard at UNICEF TOTTO Chan Compound- removal and repair of existing submersible pump, flushing of existing boreholes and supply and installation of new groundfosSP14-17, SHP 4KW.3 with the accessoriesUNICEFJuba
412017Provision of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Geophysical Survey and drilling of (7) Seven boreholes and rehabilitation of (15) broken down boreholes in Lol state(Malual West County) AweilDORCAS Relief & Developm entAweil
522017WASH Intervention and Cholera Mitigation in Jubek State, Juba County, Rejaf County, Nyerikenyi County and Luri County. Rapid Response Mechanism in all states upon request by UNICEFUNICEFJuba
532017Organized National Global Hand-Washing Day Event 15th October 2017UNICEFJuba
542016Cholera Response Intervention in Juba and Terekeka CountiesUNICEFJuba
552016Construction of (4) Platform for T95 Tank at UN House, POC3, in Jebel JubaTHESO/U NICEFJuba
562016Drilling of borehole at Norwegian Embassy in Juba facilitated by Sudanese Fellowship Mission (SUFEM)Norwegian EmbassyJuba